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Italian Localisation: VAT Plafond (Dichiarazione d’intento)

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Dear Expert,

Starting from 1 January 2020, Italian legislation requires the management of the VAT Plafond for the company that have large export, intra-Community supplies, and transactions that can have significant VAT credits.

Example: when a company sells a service to a Clients with VAT plafond, the VAT does not need to be applied until a certain plafond declared.

What standard SAP solution exists for VAT Plafond, especially for Italian localisation ?

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Answers (2)

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Here are some SAP resources you may review based on your topic "of | vat plafond | vat credits | standard sap solution | transactions"

SAP ERP & S/4 HANA Finance

SLH-Advanced Compliance Reporting For VAT reporting for SAP ERP; Advanced ... KW-LOG: New Support package for Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee ... All the requirements come from Chinese customers and it's a solution for ... business transactions, and are included in the standard local version of SAP ERP.

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For Italy, this expert configuration is not possible. All VAT legal requirements have to set by SAP. For Italy localization the document number ranges, VAT code and VAT register aren't self service configuration activities performed by consultants. You must open an incident to ask if it's possibile to create another VAT register. For Italy you can set only a specific variant for a���pp #Dichiarazione IVA

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