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1. I have done the configrations (T510 and T7INA9) for Eligibility of RAPS to bring it into IT589 but when i check in IT589 no wage type is coming.

I am not able to found the node in PM-PA-payoll data for Individual reimbursementrs.Kindly let me know the path and how to do it.

2.I have eligibility defined in 4 dummy WT ( 7000-Total eligibility,7001-medical,7002-conveyance,7003-meal Coupan) and paid in 4 (6000,6001,6003,6004)Wage types for claims .I want a report what is eligibility, what is claimed , what is balance amount and the remaining Amount is paid in another wage type at March

Can we do in Standard method or Do i need to create A custom report

And Waht about paying remaining amount in march (PCR or Through Reports it will update IT for paying remaining WT)

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There are 4 reports for the claims

PC00_M40_rems - shows status of claims

PC00_M40_remc - carry forward reports

PC00_M40_remp - disbursement

PC00_M40_remt - pay and tax

so you can use the first report for your second query.

For First query - It0589 doesn't default the eligibility as it is meant for manually overwriting the eligibility . Hence it needs to be entered manually.

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Hi Praveen/Experts

Thanks for your help. My issue got solved.

Now i am entering Reimbursement Eligibility WT from April to March

And LTA is Jan to Dec which has an carry forward

My Doubt is

I am maintaining Dummy Eligibility Wage type in IT0589

But i am paying LTA in another wage types in IT0015/0267

In this case how can i carryforward the Amount

Kindly let me know the procedure to carryforward An Eligibility wage type in IT589

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check the permissibilty of the wage type please