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Issue with operating concern currency in COPA


Hi Experts,

We are facing issue when we are trying to post COPA document manually in KO21N with the reference of COPA settlement document. Initially the original COPA settlement document has correct value in company code currency and when it comes to operating concern currency, it is showing value multiply by 1000. Below is the original COPA settlement document showing value in company code currency.

Below document showing values showing in multiples of 1000 for exchange rate. Not able to understand why this value showing in multiples of 1000.

Below is the manual COPA document we are trying to post in KE21N with reference to above document selecting in company code currency

Below it is showing for company code currency also in multiples of 1000

We have checked all the currency settings and everything fine (conversions are 1:1 only).

Kindly let me know how I can identify the solution.



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