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Issue with constant valuation of the WT in table T510J

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Hi gurus

I have come across a scenario which i ll expalin with an example.

I have a WT 2010 which contains no of hours and stored in IT 2010. This WT is valuated with constant valuation method and assigned K in v_512w_b. payroll period is 01-Sep to 30-Sep. I have saved the WT on 10-Sep in info type 2010. in table T510J value for the WT is maintained as

01-jan to 15-Sep - 50 AUD.

16-Sep to 31-12-9990 - 60 AUD.

When i run payroll WT is valuated with value 60 rather than 50 while i was expecting otherwise. I want to valuate the wage type with 50 because as on 10-Sep WT 2010 has value 50 AUD in table T510J.

Please advise.



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unlucky for your situation it is working correctly. If I remmember, T510J takes into account the number from the last date of respective period which in your case is 60 on 30/09/2011.

Iu2019m not aware of any solution for this case in payroll schema.