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Issue with AUC settlement in Custom Depreciation Area after S/4 Conversion

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We are experiencing an issue with AUC settlement in a custom Depreciation Area following our conversion to S/4.

Before the conversion, our custom depreciation area (e.g. 99) used to reset to 0 during AUC settlement to the Final Asset. However, in the S/4 (new AA) environment, this isn't happening anymore, unlike the previous ECC (classical AA, new depreciation calculation active) system where it worked fine. Area 99 is only cleared with the same amount as Area 01.

Here's a quick rundown of our setup:

  1. OADB - Define Depreciation Areas:

    • Custom Depreciation Area 99 Configuration:
      • Real Depreciation Area: Enabled
      • Post to G/L Account: Area Does Not Post
      • Target Group and Accounting Principle match those of Area 01.
  2. OABC - Rules for Value Takeover:

    • We've set up Area 99 to adopt values from Area 01, and we didn't select the 'Identical Transfer of Acquisition Value' option.
  3. AODC - Real Depreciation Areas: Area Type

    • Custom Depreciation Area 99 - Type 08 - Investment Support
    • We're not using any investment support transaction types for this area. It's only for follow-up and gets posted with regular transaction types.

We haven't made any changes to asset classes during the S/4 conversion.

Your insights on what might be causing this issue or any suggestions for a fix would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to your thoughts

Best Regards,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I was able to resolve the issue.
In addition, I found this note which is related to our issue:

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