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Is it possible to DELETE the Sub Asset either from BDC/BAPI etc?

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Hi Experts,

I am guessing, the following idea may work for my problem, but, pls, let me give some info, abt the same.......

1 - At the sales order creation time, each LINE ITEM creates the SubAsset, say,

Line_ Item_1 -

> creates SubAsset_1,

Line_ Item_2 -

> creates SubAsset_2, so on

2 - if some reasons, if the user deletes Line_ Item_1, I need to delete that particlar SubAsset_1,

so, pls. let me know that,

1- If the user, deletes the item_1, then I wanna, to delete the created SubAsset_1, so then, I guess, SubAsset_2 shuld be modified as SubAsset_1

2- Is it works out? makes sense?

3- If so, Wht is the best method to delete a SubAsset from Asset Master? Is it AS02 BDC or Is there any BAPI or any other?


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as i did not hear any thing, so, am closing.