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Is it possible to add value date field in the debit entry?

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Hi gurus,

I'm an abapper and struggling to be an FI consultant since I have no one to consult with. Here's my issue:

I want to add the Value Date field in a GL acct debit entry. I used optional in Field status group. It doesn't appear unless if I change the posting key to credit. But if I change it to required entry, an error appears " Rules for posting key 40 and acct 115-30-002 set incorrectly for "VALUT" field . Did I miss anything? As much as possible, I don't want to use the other GL Account (a credit entry) since I dont need it in the program flow.

Need an expert explanation on this. Sorry I only have limited knowlege with regards to FI concepts.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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compare tcodes :

1) ob41 (for your postng keys) - F7 (modify field status)

2) OB14 for your field status group

hope that helps


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Hi Gurus,

Yes I already did that before I posting in this forum. My question is, Why the value date does in appear in credit but not in debit entry? I already configured and selected optional entry in status group (there's no Display entry since it is an old version).


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thanks guys,

I have found the solution. Field status group is FBKP is different in OBDC4. And the entry must be the same.

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Feild status at entry time looks for the following combination

S- Supressed

D- Display

R- Required

O- Optional

System looks for this above combination at first in Posting Key and then in FSV of account which we enter. For this partical purpose the the feilds in posting key are kept optional.

Check the feild status of posting key & account T-code FBKP.


Colin Thomas