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IP30 Scheduling assigning Basic Date in the Past for Multiple Counter Plans

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Hi PM Experts,
Could you please check the below scenario and suggest the right solution?


I have created a multiple counter plan with the below details.

Cycle: 90 DAY/ 35000KM

Lead Float: 35 Days

Annual Estimate: 120,000 km

Start Date of the multiple counter plan: 02/09/2018

After Scheduling System proposed

Call Date: 16.12.2018 and Plan Date: 11.11.2018

Now, If I post crazy km reading (24000 KM) on 04.09.2018. IP30 proposes "New Save to Call" and creates Order with Basic Start Date as 02.09.2018(which is in the Past).

Is there any standard way to restrict Basic Start Date as Current Date?
If not which exit can be used here to control GSTRP(Basic Start Date) field?

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