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Invoicing various deliveries

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Hello experts

I have a situation were we copying various deliveries onto one invoice and we losing the sales allocation.

In more detail

  1. On a single BP we have various addresses(CRD1.Address)
  2. Each address has a UDF called Sales Code (CRD1.U_SalesCode)
  3. Each address can have a different sales code. So each delivery allocated to a different sales exec
  4. We copy all the deliveries onto one invoice. This is so the customer can see all as a single invoice for the one Business Partner.
  5. The invoice then takes the sales code on the default address
  6. Therefore the other sales codes have no sales when looking at the OINV table.
  7. We use the OINV table to look at sales per rep and therefore do this for bp's with the above scenario

Is there any alternative to this so that I can see all sales codes on one invoice the OINV table as per the deliveries

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Answers (2)

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If you're using OINV table in query you have two options:

1. Consolidate AR Invoices by ship-to address. That way you will have the right sip-to code in OINV table, but you will have several invoices for one customer.

2. Use ship-to code from INV1 table instead. When you copy several deliveries with different ship-to addresses to a single AR invoice, ship-to address in OINV table is BP default. But if you look in the INV1 table, you can see that every row contains a ship-to data from the original delivery document.

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From your question I understand that you use queries. If so, you have two options:

  1. Use the ODLN table instead of OINV, as it contains pretty much all the same information.
  2. In your query connect INV1 to ODLN. INV1.BaseEntry -> ODLN.DocEntry and INV1.BaseLine -> DLN.LineNum