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Invoices with split accounting cannot be booked to S4 from B&I

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Hello All,

My customer has B&I and S4/HANA on prem, and SAP MM integrated with CIG. They are using Split Accounting which seems to cause an issue in S4. Invoices cannot be booked to S4 due to error: Balance not zero: 1,000.00 debits: 9,000.00 credits: 10,000.00. I think this is due to the splits of the tax. We enabled parameter Application.Invoicing.AllowExportingTaxSplitAccountings and now tax splits are exported, but not visible in the outbound Payment Request XML. I read that there is a limitation of the CIG custom mapping when it comes to split accounting.

My question is if anyone knows how to enhance the outbound Payment Request XML so that the tax splits are taken directly from it and not calculated in the backend? Or any other advice when it comes to handling split accounting? Thank you very much in advance!



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