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Invoice plan is incorrectly calculated when settlement period is more than 1 month

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Dear Experts/Gurus,

I have this requirement from my client.

Apparently they're using the Framework Order for rental purpose. In this scenario, the requirement is to capture the payment to be made to the vendor (landlord) by using invoicing plan. During the PO creation, for the legal document, the user captured the monthly payment to the vendor. Hence in the line item it's already specified that the rental is, for example $1000 for 1 month.

But in the invoicing plan (Invoice tab -> Invoicing Plan -> Periodic Invoice Plan), the requirement is:

a. payment in monthly basis. this working fine, as the start/end settlement period is showing for one month and the amount is $1000.

b. payment in quarterly basis. the start/end date works perfectly but the amount is only showing the for 1 month. (ex: settlement period is 3 month but amount is only $1000, whereas it's supposed to be $3000).

c. payment in half-yearly basis. same as the point (b) above (date is correct but amount is not correct.)

I did the below but didn't work out.

  i. Advised user to change the UOM to QTR (for quarter basis), but user does not agree on that.

ii. Changed the price to $3000 per 3 month, but calculation in invoice plan is wrong.

iii. Updated UOM denominator for quarter to month, but still doesn't get updated in the invoice plan.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the unit of measure has nothing to do with the payments. You could even order in EAch or KG and the invoice plan has to work.

So I would say that the whole order process is based on the wrong assumption that using a order unit month or quarter could rule the total value or trigger the payment through invoice plan.

Please follow the steps given in the wiki: MM-SRV The Invoicing Plan - ERP SCM - SCN Wiki

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