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Invoice cancellation

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Hello SAP gurus,

My client has done the wrong invoice in year 2008,Now he want to cancel that wrong invoice in this year

System is giving the error as'Allowed posting period_ _ _ _ _ _ _'

Is this possible to cancel the invoice?

If yes ,please give the solution what can be done in such scenario?

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Answers (3)

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Its a deadly requirement.

What is the justification they are going to give to auditors if they cancel the invoice in this period which is posted in last year.

Not justified.

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Hi dipak

actually they have done the invoice twice,dats y they want to cancel the one.

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Hi Dhawal,

If you want to cancel it then change posting date.



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It is not recommended to make any transaction posting to closed period. Therefore, your invoice cancellation posting date shall be chosen as on current posting period. If you insist on making such posting to closed period, then you will have to reopen the closed period using MMPI transaction. Yet, make sure you will read all related notes before re-opening.