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Invoice batch split with TAO Item Category

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Dear Gurus,

1- Scenario:

Sales Order:

In a sales process with a normal sales order type: OR and a billing plan at Header Level: Item Category TAO


Batch management is enabled at Delivery level and Item split as follow:

Main Item: TAO

Sub-level item showing both Batch + quantities: TAN


The system will react the same way in a TAO scenario as much as in a TAN scenario and we do not have an invoice batch split problem in the TAN scenario at all:

ItemMaterialDel. QtyUnDescriptionIt.CatPWBatch


I have a batch split stemming from the batch split in the delivery showing main line item + sub items


I need to have a single line per item at invoice level showing the full price and NOT a batch split.

2- Customizing:

In copy control, customizing is both the same for TAN/ TAO and we only have the problem in the TAO context.

VTFL: Delivery To Invoice:

Copying requirements   004  Deliv-related item      Billing quantity B
Data VBRK/VBRP     907  Inv.Split (Rec/Div)     Pos./neg. quantity   +
                                                    Pricing type     G
                                                    PricingExchRate type

                                                    Price source

3- Actions already taken:

I have changed the "Billing Quantity" from "B" to "G" and even "H" with no avail, the problem remains the same and we have a batch split at invoice level.

Many thanks for your kind help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Christian,

it is not clear the process with TAO.

In sales document item TAO has billing plan, so it is relevant for order-related billing.

Usually TAO is not relevant for delivery, I suppose you setup customizing making it relevant for delivery.

In the subsequent delivery you have item TAO, not relevant for for delivery-related billing, and batch items TAN relevant for delivery-related billing.

Result: you can bill the TAO item from sales document and TAN items from delivery.

Is it correct my resume of your issue ?

What yould you like to get ?

If you want the batch-items NOT relevant for billing (that is the whole delivery is not relevant for billing) then the batch-items should have an item category NOT relevant for billing.

See the WIKI

Best regards,


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Dear all,

Many thanks indeed for your replies. After opening an OSS message with SAP, we are told as you righteously confirm that this is not standard process.

We will therefore consider small development in the form to yield expected results.

Thank you for your support

Kind regards


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Hi Christian,

Everywhere, create a new Item Category which determines same Schedule Line Category and Mark that Item Category Not Relevant for Billing.

Also change, Item category determination for CHSP usage with newly created Item Category.

By this your requirement will be fulfilled.



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Check this thread

G. Lakshmipathi