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Investment order settlement rule Errror

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Dear All,

While creating an Investment order, system will ask for creation of AUC asset if investment profile in assigned to the Order and creates an AUC asset with autoomatic generation of settlement rule.

But when i m trying to create the said order with investment profile attachment, and AUC creation system is not allowing me to save the order with errror as below:

Enter a distribution rule for Asset without a validity limit

Message no. KD059


The settlement profile used requires you to define a distribution rule for Asset. For period 003 2011, however, you have not created a distribution rule for Asset.


Create a distribution rule for Asset without a validity limit, because, if the distribution rule does have a validity limit, the system always issues this message in the period following the last valid period.

You can also use a different settlement profile that does not require such a distribution rule, or change the settlement rule used.

Can you pls let me know what is the cause of this error message,

Thanks & Regards,


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Check your settlement rule in the Int Order.. See what validity limit have you specified against it.... See the end date of your settlement rule

Also, Check your settlement profile in OKO7... See, the max no of dist rules and the Residence time you have specified there...

Br, Ajay M

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Dear Ajay,

I have not manually created settlement rule as it is an Investment order to which Investment profile is assigned.

When Order is created, system will prompt for AUC creation. I have done that but when saving it is showing this error.

System will create Settlement rule automatically to this investment order, which is not happening in my case though i have assinged Investment profile.

Pls advise