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Inventory Valuation can not be done

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Hi Experts,

I am encountering serious problem in re-valuating a material, Issues are as follows,

Client Wants to Re-valuate a certain material In their 3 Plants within 01.04.2013 to 31.06.2013,

> Client want us to re-valuate the Issue in ONE GO,

> MB5B we are taking out the stocks qty and value on that particular month and for a plant,

> As per the the report fromMB5B, the difference from SAP & Tally Stock and value we need to maintain in SAP,

> But When we are doing MR22 wither the stock value is raising up or down for some materials,

Please help me, I am unable to sort out the issue,

If any other information needed please reply me as soon as possible,

Thanks & Regards,

Arghyajit Chakraborty

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Answers (2)

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with MR22 you can only add/remove value of existing stock in current or previous period only.

Since we have August, you cannot do any revaluation for April to June

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Hello Arghyajit,

can you be more specific with "When we are doing MR22 wither the stock value is raising up or down for some materials" -- what is the actuall problem there? You obviously know how to get the new value, you know how to change it (via MR22/MR21), so what is the issue here?

Kind Regards


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Hi Tomas,

Firstly Thanks for the reply.

The issue is we are not getting exact valuation for a material in SAP After applying revaluation in MR22.
SAP Stock Qty & Valuation should be matched up with the legacy system which my clients are using. and for this period that's not getting matched due to some wrong uploading of data. So we are re-valuating the material and whenever we are doing this it is not coming at exact to the legacy system, either the material price is getting up from the legacy price or getting down and some materials are showing the exact value after executing MR22. I am unable to find the faults from those materials which are deviating from the legacy system price.

Please help me out to find reason(s). if you need some more information on the above please feel free to ask.



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Hi Arghyajit,

Your issue is still not clear. How can you compare the output of SAP with a legacy system.

First you need to identify the materials with differential values. If your legacy system values are correct and you want to maintain the same for SAP materials, you may use MR21 or MR22 as the case may be.

Once the valuation is matched, subsequent valuation depends upon the procurement conditions / material price maintained in both SAP and legacy systems for e.g. setoff / non setoff conditions in PO.