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Inventory turnover calculation (MC.7 & MC44)

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Hi all,

My query is; the total average stocks calculated by MC44 and MC.7 is vastly different, and I could not find any similar case.

The attached screenshots are for the same material, and MC44 the first and last days of January has been selected, and in MC.7 the 01.2014 period is selected.

Whats more, I can confirm the MC44's calculation from the past stock date report, so it is correct , stockwise.

So, it looks like MC.7 does not take into some stock that MC44 takes, what could be those stocks?

Thanks in advance,



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The main difference is tha MC44 is a plant level and MC.7 at storage location level.

This would mean that any stock without storage location is not considered. e.g. subcontracting stock is only held at plant level, customer consignment is as well only at plant level.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Koray,

Compare with your analysis reports with MB51 so that you will get missed out material movements

Average Inventory = period starting stock + period end stock / 2 = average stock

Refer the detailing



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In case of MC.7 the stock was not calculated or wrong updated check the below KBA which explanis the situation why it was not considered and the solution.

KBA: 1858368 - Value for field “Valuated stock” or “ValStockValue ” is incorrect in S032

2013347 - Date fields not generated for S032 during program RMCBNEUB (OLI2) rebuild