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Inventory status between Picking and Post Goods Issue

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Hi SAP Gurus,

I have a question please ...and it is a bit urgent. I know that post goods issue is what to leads to inventory adjustments ( i.e. Debit COGS and Credit Inventory). But when you do picking, the quantity in the delivery is removed (ready to be shipped to the customer) from the warehouse/storage location which leads to reduction in physical quantity of stock in the warehouse/storage location. How does SAP capture this reduction in stock at the end of picking before PGI is done? This is because there is a time lag between picking activity and post goods issue activity. At anytime between this time lag, the actual inventory will be different from what the system will have since PGI hasnt been done. Can you please clarify for me please.

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we cannot diffrentiate qty,

but in such case you can do picking and goods issue simultaneusly.