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Intra Company STO buy & Selling Process between two plants.Same Company

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Dear All

I would like to know how can intra-company sales and purchases be carried out in SAP.

When plant 1002 requires a component, it raises Purchase Order, and then plant 1001 issues a Delivery Order How to plant 1001 with a profit margin?


Company Code- 1000
Plant Code 1001 & 1002

1001 plant Supplier & 1002 Plant Customer

1002 Receiving Plant Create a Stock transfer PO & 1001 plant from this PO reference create an Outbound delivery for Goods Issues.

How can this scenario be mapped in SAP? So that my material inventory does not inflate and at the same time there is a sale shown in plant 2 and a purchase in plant 1. Also, corresponding entries of internal sales and internal purchases are shown in the respective profit center.

M.G Rabbani

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Answers (2)

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When two plants belong to the same company code, generally profits are not required.

Active Contributor
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Hello mdgolamrabbani,

Please refer below SAP thread. Hope it's clarifies your query.


Neeraj Jain