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Internal Order closure

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I had a list of about 6000 internal orders to be closed. I closed them with BDC but the user has found out that their Business areas were changed.

Now I have to check the business areas in all the internal orders that were changed and revert it to old business areas.

I dont remember overwriting them but they have been over written.

Thanks in advance

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reverse those close transaction and redo the same with correct business area

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Hi AP,

Thank you for the prompt response.

These are statistical orders, I cannot re open them and close them again. I fear I will have to do all these manually.

Is there a way I can extract the old business areas?

I can rewrite the simple bdc to change the business are, no need to reopen and then close.

Thank you in advance

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Run a simple cycle of LSMW

Just do it for one IO first and chekc the results.

If it works fine, then do it for all


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To get the old data follow the steps to get

Go to table CDHDR and pass your User name, Date of modification and Tcode and get the all Object ids

And pass these objectid s in Functiona module through SE37 in the filed OBJECTID_TAB

Here you need give I in first column and EQ in second column and the you object and you can mention date of change and user name also in FM

It will give you the report of old and new

If Entries are very less, goto KO03 and pass your order number and select from menu Environment-change documents-For field

You will get the info



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Hi Vishnu,

Using CDHDR and CDPOS I got the old and new values.

What should be my step next? What are my options? There are about 6000 entries.

Thanks in advance.

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You have two options, one is CDPOS table and Fun Module CHANGEDOCUMENT_READ_RANGES

Once your got the data from CDHDR then pass the same data with selection values Objectclass, Objectid and Changenr in CDPOS and get Value new and old there