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intercompany sales order

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how does intercompany SO works( the process from start to the end ( including MM side, billing and soo on ) ..please help

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Find the inter company sales processes.


Create voltas Sales Org. as customer. This is required because the sales org. V002 will be indenting the material from the plant VVV1 note the customer number.


Path :

Imgu2026 sdu2026 billing u2026 select intercompany billing u2026. Define internal customer number by sales organization.

Position V002 (Sales org.)

Sales Org. Customer Number

V002 97600 u2013 created as above)


Select assign organization units by plant (Accounting reasons or purpose)

Select assign org. units to the plant

Position VVV1

Assign sales org, dist. Channel and division to the plant VVV1

VVV1 V002 VD V1



Select define order type for intercompany billing the sales document type ZVOR uses an intercompany billing doc type u201CIVu201D

Now select

Imgu2026 sdu2026 billingu2026 billing documents

Define billing types.

Position IV copy as ZVIV u2013 Voltas Interco. Billing.

Maintain your account determination procedure then continue.

Change the name


Again select idu2026 billing

Intercompany billing select define order type for inter company billing.

Position u2013 ZVOR

Select your doc type and assign the new inter company billing doc type



Goto img.. assign document pricing procedure to sales areas

Imgu2026 sdu2026 basic functions u2026 pricing .. pricing u2026 control u2026 define and assign pricing procedure

Define pricing procedure determination

Imgu2026 enterprise structure u2026 assignment u2026 sd and distribution.Sales org.dist channel to plant

If you have created new plant for new comp.code u2013 VVV1 by copying from an existing plant V001 there is no need for assignment.

Activities in easy access

Create a new material in the plant u2013 VVV1 use sorg-V002 and dist. Channel u2013 VD division as V1

Maintain the price

Price to the customer u2013 ZPR2 (Regular)

Intercompany price between u2013 VVV1 and V002 = PI01

Create stock from new material in plant VVV1

You can also use PI02 to maintain intercompany rate in %age.

Create a sales order enter customer

Inter company material quantity

Select procurement tab from overview we can see the plants as VVV1

Select shipping overview screen and note shipping point and material availability date.

Select item conditions

You can see the customer price and inter company price PI01 (statistical)

Create the delivery, billing and after billing is save create inter company billing

Using the billing due list to create intercompany billing or delivery create the intercompany bill by using VF01, refer the billing document ZF2 number, select the billing document type as u201CZVIVu201D now system will display two documents one the regular bill and the other one as intercompany billing.

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Hi Bob,

You can get all the information regarding intercompany process if you search in all the SD general forum. Check the steps in brief:

1) .Define Internal Customer Number By Sales Organization (customer will be created in delivering Plant + Sales area and assign it to ordering sales organisation).

2) Assign plant of delivering company code to sales org/distribution channel combination of ordering company code.

3) Maintain intercom any billing type as IV for sales document type OR in VOV8.

4) Cehck for the pricing procedure determination for ICAA01- intercompony billing.

5) . Create end customer master in company code/sales org of the Ordering one.

6) Maintain IV01 as inter-company Price in VK11.

7) Maintain PR00 as price for end customer in VK11.

These are the steps to be followed. Check these links if you have more doubts.


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Dear Prase

Can you share us how to find "" from

regards, Michael

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