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Inter company Between company codes

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Can we do the intercompany process by creating the company code of supplying plant as Vendor and receiving plant company code as customer ? As all the plants which supplies come under one company code and all the plants which  receive comes under different codes.Can we treat company codes as vendors and customers ?

To make my point when we send PO to the external vendor it ships the goods from one of their plant and all their plants comes under one Vendor number which we use.

If this is possible please let me know the process.


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Answers (2)

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If I understood correctly your query, you want to use the company codes as vendor and supplier instead of plants. This is not possible.

What do you think you will achieve by using company codes instead of plants?

Also you are confusing the inter-company procurement process with external procurement from vendor? What is the actual scenario?

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I created company code as vendor and customer and assigned in plants as partner  (Invoicing party,Payee) and that helped in AR and AP process .

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If I am not wrong you can do intercompany transport through STO route only.

But if you want to show it as sales-purchase than yes it will work if you use only one vendor and customer combination for your case.