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Inspection Lot cannot be found in QE51N

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Hi expert,

I did good receipt using movement type 103 and the material went into blocked stock. When I see the "quantity tab" and press "Insp Lot" button, I got the inspection lot number. To record the result, I went to transaction QE51N, and enter any required fields, including inspection lot number, but when I pressed F8, the inspection lot didn't appear and the message is "no entries found". When I opened the inspection lot using transaction code QA03, the system status is "CRTD CHCR SPRQ".

What's wrong with my action and what makes my QE51N process failed? Really need your help experts.

Thank you very much

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the QE51n transaction only lots with an REL status will appear. In QA32/33 all lots should appear, unless as mentioned by previous poster, a filter or some type or selection choices on the selectoin screen limit the lots shown.

When a status is in CRTD state it usually because something is missing that prevents the lot from being ready to record results. Usually this is due to having no inspection plan or material specification, depending on the material. The status CHCR indicates that this might be the problem. CHCR means "Characteristics must be created"

When you are in QA02, look at the all the status and see if you see the status PREQ - Plan/Specific. required" This means it is looking for an inspection plan or spec.

Assign the material to an inspection plan. Then in QA02, change the key date to the current date. Then on the insp. Specifications tab click the button Task list/spec to assign the plan. On the Sample tab, click the calculator button to calculate the sample sizes. Save. It should now be in "REL" status and on your worklist.


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Thanks everyone for your help...

I got the problem because I didn't create inspection lot (QP01) for that material before. After creating the inspection plan, I have to connect the inspection lot that has been created with task list from inspection plan.

The problem is now closed, many thanks for your help


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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You will Identify one of the 'missing' lots via the table entry. Then go to QA03 and look at the inspection lot.

Can you let us know what the system status settings are on it. This might help us figure it out.

I haven't seen ANY inspection lots that won't show up in QA32 or QA33. If they don't, it's usually because of some type of variant, status profile or filter someone has placed on the transaction or user account. This includes cancelled inspection lots which an earlier poster said would not be displayed. That would be incorrect so you will check the lots



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from what I understand is that you wanted to receive stock as "blocked for inspection". But you have recieved as blocked stock.

Use mvt. type 105 to release it for inspection.

Next time onward you can use 101 to put it to inspection stock.

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Hi anupdewedi,

I already use movement type 101 and the material is set to go to "quality inspection", but the same condition happens. Do you have any idea?


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have you searched sdn forum for your error? check below thread , it seems same issue has been discussed there