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Inserting documentnumbers causes SAP Business One to crash

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I am implementing SAP Business One for a customer at this moment. The customer asked me to make a new serie of documentnumbers for every document per month.

When inserting the new series, SAP crashes (sometimes with a error, sometimes not) and it didn't save the updated series I made.

Does anybody know a thing about this problem? And is it possible to add the series by DTW?

I am working with patch level 42 in SAP 2007A.

Looking forward to your reactions,



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Hendri,

Please check if ' Multi-Language Support' option is ticked under

company details -> Basic Initialization tab, if so, untick the option

and try to add the new series.

If still happens, then while adding the new series, left click first and then right click and select add row.


Vijay kumar

SAP Business One Forums Team

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I will check out your possible solutions. In the mean while I did find out the most simple workaround there is: updating & closing the serie by every new line I make.

I hope your suggestion is better though

You will hear from me.

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Well so far your solution does help! Strange situation. Thanks for the help!

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