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Insert a line between 2 existing lines on a Quotation object using SDK.

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Hi all,

Is it possible to insert a line between two existing lines on a Quotation object, using the SDK ?

I tried to use the VisualOrder property from Document_Lines object to directly choose the position of my lines, but it is a Read-Only property, so I cannot affect a value for it.

I also tried to use the SetCurrentLine method to choose the position where to insert my line but instead of inserting a new one, it overwrites the next one.

Does someone have an idea for this problem ?


Charly Lesgourgues

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Charly,

Currently there is no ready method to increase or decrease the index of a row in a document.

You are on the right track with the SetCurrentLine however. You will need to create a temporary  copy of the document's lines (a DataTable for example), manipulate that copy (i.e. insert new lines there) and maintain the line number there, and then add all lines from the copy back to the document object.



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