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Infotype Creation

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Hi All,

I have created a custom infotype with time constraint 2 which has the multiple records for pernr.( Similar to Infotype 0168).

When i am inserting the record since there is same key for the pernr its not inserting the data in the table pa9001. so i tried to insert by means of adding the SEQNR and inserting the data. But there is an error poping up saying "Sequence Number 001 not permitted" its not allowing me to enter the value.

Can you please help me.

I have used the USER EXIT for inserting the data.



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Answers (1)

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Hello Yogesh , Since u mentioned ur Time Constraint as 2 , i guess u cannot enter more than one record with same Key(for same pernr , usually begda endda differs ) as Overlappings are not allowed for TC 2.

Check ur Start date and EndDate or change TimeConstaraint to 3 .

Hope this works for u.


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As Subhash said, you need to create IT with time constraint 3. With time constraint 3, if you creating more than one record on same day, the SEQNO increments. If day differs (BEGDA, ENDDA) SEQNO starts with 0. If time contraints 2, gaps are allowed, (BEGDA, ENDDA) should be different.

Check T777Z entry.