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Infotype 21 Gender Issue

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Hi All,

I'm creating a new registry for Infotype 21 Family Member/Dependents and gender is not populated in table PA0021.

Also gender is not shown in Overview and Display.

Here is my creation steps:

Record Created.

Overview: gender not shown,

Display: any radio button selected,

and the table PA0021: gender is not populated (or populated as unkonown)

I also implemented notes below:

0002207560 IT0021: Overview screen shows gender for dependents with undeclared gender

0002251860 IT0021 Minor corrections (1/2016)

0002263892 ESS: Title and gender cannot be changed at Personal data screen

0002303458 IT0021: Gender radio button is set as read-only when creating new records

Nothing solved my issue!

Please help!!!

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

Active Contributor

you can not modify SAP code. But it seems very strange to me, that INCLUDE MP002140 is empty. Did you check in backend system?

What SAP Release /SP Level are you using?

Maybe you have to customize a country version of infotype 0021 for your MOLGA.

Active Contributor

check, if this form in include MP002140 is called when saving:

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Hi Volker,

Thank you for your reply.

I checked the include and there is nothing coded here, please see below:

I added the code manually, and I get the error below:

How can I generate the code you suggested?

Thank You!!