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Info structure not updating in a sales order for product allocation

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Dear Team,

We have configured the old ECC product allocation and are testing it with various scenarios. Recently, we noticed that the info structure for product allocation was not getting updated for some of the sales orders. Upon further investigation, we discovered that the customer stats field was missing in the sold-to-party, even though the value was present in the ship-to-party.

After adding this missing stat field to the sold-to-party, the info structure began updating for new orders. My question is, the info structure has two characteristics ship-to and material, and we have already updated the customer (ship to) and material stats group fields. However, even after updating these fields, the info structure did not update for orders where the sold-to-party customer stats group field was missing.

Is it a standard rule in SAP that both the sold to and ship to should have values in the customer stats field when creating a sales order? If that is the case, can we update the info structures retroactively for the affected orders?



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Hello gino.babu2

You can update SIS info structures retroactively with sales order, deliveries and/or billing documents with the following IMG path: Logistics - General -> Logistics Information System (LIS) -> Logistics Data Warehouse -> Data Basis -> Tools -> Setup of Statistical Data -> Application-Specific Setup of Statistical Data -> Perform Setup - Sales and Distribution

The transaction to update from sales orders is OLI7.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski