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Actually i am trying to mass upload the new prices in info recs.i tried lot ot but all of them have option for changing one at a time. All i want is to mass upload the new prices in existing data as we normally do by using MM17 T.code for material master data.

People recommend me LSMW but i dont know how to use that. Please help me out

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If you are trying to upload prices in already existing Info Records, you can try MEMASSIN. Here, select all your info records & select the field of Price. Make the changes & execute. The changed price will be updated to all the info record.


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Friend that what i want to ..... But the problem is that there is no option for price upload in that MEMASSIN transaction.

Please have a look on this transaction if u find something helpful please let me know..... as i tried this transaction and could'nt find any thing

Many Thanks

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Hi Rana,

Even i was not able to find EINE-NETPR in MEMASSIN transaction. But yes you can do the mass update using LSMW. It is a 13 step process. Follow the sequence of steps-

1. Download the Info Record numbers from the table into .txt format

2. Open the file in excel, next to each record, enter the price which you want, ensure you do not put any header at the top or do any formating, while saving the file, save it as tab-delimited

3. This file serves as your input file.

4. Launch LSMW program

5. Enter the project name, Sub-project name & object name (note it is better to name them something like Info_Rec_Price or something which you can later identify).

6. Click execute, you will find the 13 steps which you need to follow.

7. In the first step, you need to define, if this data transfer is one time or periodic

8. The object for purchasing info record is 0060 & the program to run is RM06IBI0, this is to be selected in Standard Batch / Direct Input.

I think it is quite a lengthy process here on to describe, so request you to start with it in Sanbox server to get an idea before you do it in Development or Production server. If you have any specific problems, post the same & will try to be of as much help as possible.


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Thanks Vivek for your help.

I wrote an email to our Global service department to auhorise me transaction LSMW ...... Will do as u said .I have a access to testing (acceptance) system, after trying all steps i will move to production one.

Will update you respose soon .....

BR, Kashif

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You cannot change net price in inforecord using MEMASSIN. Please read OSS note 446608 for a further explanation.

Alternatively, you should look at transactions MEKC/MEKP or LSMW as suggested by Vivek earlier.

Hope this helps.

H Narayan