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Incorrect Goods value when crediting an incorrect MIRO invoice

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Dear all,

There is one thing I do not understand.

My customer is on the coffee business, both selling and producing coffee.

Normally they get two inovices for every purchase order, since the price of coffee is changing a lot. Normally the original invoice is coming first (before the goods is received), then an invoice of the price adjustment and then the goods is received.

The price adjustment (invoice number 2) should not affect the stock value and therefore it is registered in transaction MIRO with antoher document type than original invoices. Now the price adjustment inovvoice was registered before the original invoice and with the same document type as normal invoices. Then the original invoice was also registered. The customer wanted to credit the first invoice but what happened? Since the value of the goods have been affected a much higher price is credited and the difference is posted to the "loss under covera ccount (P/L account). But I do not want that posting!

This is what happaned:

1) Price adjustment invoice, debit goods recievied/invoice recieved account 10 000 EUR, 20 000 PIECES

2) Original Invoice, debit goods recievied/nvoice recieved account 100 000 EUR, 20 000 PIECES

3) Credit of price adjustment, Credit goods recievied/invoice recieved account 50 000 EUR, 20 000 PICES AND debit 40 000 EUR on account "loss stock under cover"

But I do not want to have any posting on the P/L account "loss stock under cover" and I would also like to have a credit of 10 000 EUR on goods recievied/invoice recieved account , not another amount. I know this is due to material valuation but is there a way to solve this?

Best Regards,

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