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Incorrect document category in the document flow table (VBFA)

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We have an order B3 (partial rebate settlement request) followed by a billing B3 (partial rebate settlement). The document category for the documents in VBAK and VBRK is K credit memo request and O credit memo.

In the document flow table VBFA it says the two document categories (preceding category and subsequent categories) are both debit memo.

My questions is, why is the document flow table VBFA showing a different document category to what is in the order table or billing table.

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Answers (2)

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First thing to check would be document flow exits in SD, for example MV75FF01.

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Probably, this would have been easy to assist you had you shared the screen shots of VBAK with VBFA where you say, the document category is different.  In standard, this will never happen.  What input parameters you give in VBFA and in which fields ?