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Incoming Invoices

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hi SAP gurus;

How many ways are there on SAP for recording incoming invoices and on which tables can they be performed?

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Answers (2)

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You have following options for invoicing

option-1=>manually record with MIRO and FB60

option-2=> automatic record with batch for ERS invoice and consignment/pipeline invoice

option-3=> automatic recording invoice by VMI with DP document

option-4=> capture all incoming invoices in one centralized mail id and utilize OCR processing on posting invoice/s

You can follow tables of invoice posting with payment status- BSAK and BSIK

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In ECC 6.0

On the top of my head there's:

FV60 -From here you can park and post non PO Invoices or credit memos

FB60 - From here you can only park the non PO invoices or credit memos

MIRO - For PO based invoices, credit memo, subsequent debits and credits

There's plenty of tables on the invoicing process. You have tables for non posted and posted documents, tables for the header and items, tables for the accounting document header and accounting document items.

Here are just some




BSEG .. etc