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Inbound delivery:

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Please explain the process of Inbound delivery for a purchase order.

How can I see the delivery document type EL when I create a Goods Reciept for a purchase order.

Also tell mw where do I get the control setting of the purchase orders.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi there,

Consider an example where you have an order OR raised against a plant ABC with item xxx, item catg TAS. TAS items have to externally procured. In such case, after the order is logged, a PR is raised which will convert into a PO for example UB. UB PO will have NL delivery assigned to it. There willnot be a sales order but deliveries are created by T-code VL10B. When a NL delivery is PGI'ed, GR (goods receipt) is done in ABC plant. Only then stock will be available in ABC.

Stock will fulfill the delivery LF for OR.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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As you are aware you can't see the document flow from PO as in Sales order. But the subsequent document flow gets updated in PO. Check the PO history tab in ME23N.


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Types of Inbound Delivery in SAP

1. Shipping Notification

2. Rough GR

3. Order acknowledgment

Process Flow: -

1. ME21N - In PO, Confirmation Tab, select the confirmation control key as "Shipping Notification" or "Inbound Delivery"

2. VL31N - Create Inbound Delivery w.r.t. PO

3. MIGO - Goods Receipt > Inbound Delivery

For detailed concept refer the following link;