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Inbound delivery duplicate in ME23N confirmation tab

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Hi guys,

I am using ECC6 and SCM/EWM

When I create an inbound delivery in ECC6 using VL31N and when material is batch managed If I don't enter a batch number I

got an incompleteness error message (batch number required) this is normal. Then I enter a batch number and save.

In this case the inbound delivery is show twice in ME23N this create a big issue for me because the quantity shown is double and

it prevents me to reveive remaining quantities.

Thanks for you help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In confirmation tab of purchase order, you can see two confirmation , because one is order ackowledgement which needs to be entered manually. The other confirmations comes automatically when inbound delivery is created and transfer orders are confirmed, with goods reciept.

Now order acknowledgement is enterd manaully, which says that your vendor has recieved purchase order and he will committ you delivery dat on which goods will be delivered.

Shipping notification confirmation cmoes automatically while doing Goods reciept.

You can also check that goods reciept is done for all the materials only once in MMBE transaction.

I hope this helps



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