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In Payslip Shift Allowance is not coming for some Employees

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Hi Expert,

please help me out in the below I am new to SAP Hcm: We are using SAP HCM in this Some employee's Shift Allowances are not coming. That employees have Shift Allowance WT in there 0008 info type. I checked in 2003 Substitutions they are worked in shift also. But in Pay slip shift allowance is not coming.

I have checked in PC_PAYRESULT Under RT_    Results Table (Collapsed Display) in that i didn't find the 1015 Shift Allowance.

So please guide me further.

If i need to check payroll log, how i need to check&change?

So please guide me further.

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Answers (1)

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For now, forget the PaySlip since it is only a report, and concentrate on finding out why some employees don't have the Allowance in their Pay Results (table RT).

Select two employees with the Shift Allowance WT on IT0008 and with the Shift Substitution on IT2003, but one with the Allowance in Pay Results and the other one without.

Execute a Payroll Simulation for each employee, with the "Display Log" box checked, and compare their Log (side by side on the same screen).  Do both WTs (Basic Salary & Allowance) generate through function WPBP?  Follow the processing until you find where the WT dissapears for one employee.