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Improper overtime calculation: PCR is not working well or may be WT

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Hi Gurus,

Hope u'll having good times. below is PCR for overtime Calculation. It is based on following wage types of IT0008

0001 Basic Pay

0002 House Rent

0003 Utility



AMT= 0001 Set

AMT+ 0002 Addition

AMT+ 0003 Addition

MULTI ANA Multipl.amt/no/rate


AMT/8 Division

ROUNDGK100 Round AMT to next

ADDWT * OT Output table


During payroll runt it is observed that, whatever amount is entered in Overtime Wage type (3004), number field is added to the overtime amount calculated. let me clear this more

Example 1

Number of overtime hours = 6 (Entered in Wage type 3004)

Above PCR gets into execution during payroll.

for example per hour rate is 35.

Now overtime amount must be 35 x 6 = 210

but PCR results in 216.

Example 2

if Overtime hours are 4 then

the overtime amount must be 35 x 4 = 140

However PCR resulted in 144.

Kindly help me in this regard,

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1 - What function is used to call the PCR you described?

2 - What are the values (RTE, NUM, AMT) of WTs 0001, 0002, 0003 and 3004 in the IT before the PCR is processed ?

3 - What is the ESG and the WT being processed by that PCR?

P.S. : Note that in your PCR, nowhere is the rate (RTE) being used. You seem to be building a rate by adding the amounts of WTs 0001, 0002 and 0003, multiplying the total by the number in the WT being processed, and factoring the amount.

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Thank u for ur reply. However by spending some hours and detail debugging I have found the reason.

Employee is hired on 08-11-2010

So Number of days of 11th period are = 23

Base amount to calculate Overtime is = 8653

Now PCR is calculating per hour rate by dividing base amount by 23 ( 8653 / 23 ) . It must be divided with total days in month of November i.e 30. (8653 / 30)

Kindly help me, how I could solve this.

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Edited by: Imran on Jan 8, 2011 10:53 PM

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Question resolved. I got it

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Question resolved. I got it

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Hi Imran

Could you please let us know how did you managed to resolve the issue?

Please post the final PCR logic.