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Import Tax Information through DTW

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Hi All,

I am trying to import tax information of vendors. I have done it several times before using the template "BPFiscalTaxId" successfully. But this time I find it a failure. I have already imported the BP info through DTW and also the ship to and bill to addresses. Now I am trying to import the PAN Number only. I am using the template with the following information filled

Record Key--



1 -

0 -

"BP Address Name"----

"PAN No"

When the Import is run then the message "Updated Successfully" is shown but the data actually is not updated in the masters.

I hope I am missing out something. Please help me.



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Check this SAP Note: 1145532 How to import tax information under BP Master Data


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Thanx Sri for response. I have alredy gone through this and as I told you I have done this before successfully. But this time I am not able to. On former occasions I have Imported the BP master info and then the TaxId and then I have doen the addresses. This time I have already imported the BP Master info and the Ship to Bill to addresses and now I am updating the TaxId and though the system shows "updated successfully", the data is not updated. I will tell a unique fact, when I am importing the same data to a fresh database where the BP addresses are not defined then the same is imported.

Moreover Now I noticed another interesting feature, the imported data is featuring in the database. When I run the CRD7 query then the taxids are showing against the respective BPs. But when I open from the masters then no display!!!!



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Hi Debraj.

I got the same issue here and I could solve it by using the templates BPAddresses and BPFiscalTaxID. This solution was used in DTW version 2005.0.18 / API Version 8.0.181.

In BPAddressses, fill the fields like this:

RecordKey LineNum AddressName AddressType

1 0 <Name of address> B

1 1 <Name of address> S

AddressType have two possible values: B stands for Billing address, S stands for Shipping address.

This template will be used as index for the BPFiscalTaxID template.

On BPFiscalTaxID, you should have the fields filled like this:

RecordKey LineNum AddressName TaxId0

1 0 <Name of address> <PAN No>

1 1 <Name of address> <PAN No>

This should solve the problem as DTW will fill the shipping to address with the PAN number and that would show them on the master too.

Hope this helps.