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Impact of Deleting/Inactive Functional locations

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Hi Experts,

We could set either Deletion Flag or Inactive status to a Functional location. In this scenario settlement rule in PM order is created from the cost center included in Floc.

What is the impact on PM orders which already used those "Changed" FLocs.

I.e. Floc is used before it set deletion/inactive. but it is yet to be settled.

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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Thanks for the valuable replies

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You can carry out and reverse a deactivation at any time.

Generally, when a master record is deactivated this means that maintenance of the master record itself is still possible, however, no new transaction data can be entered for the master record.

This means, for example, that no new notifications or orders can be entered for a functional location or a piece of equipment and that no new functional locations can be allocated to a reference functional location. Transaction data that already exists for technical objects can, however, still be processed and closed.

Deletion Flag-->>

You use the deletion flag for the master record of a technical object if it is no longer needed in the system

When a deletion flag is set for the master record of a technical object, this means that:

You can now only save it or perform status functions for it

You can perform further processing and close existing notifications, orders and so on if necessary

No new dependencies can be defined for it. This means that no new notifications, orders and so on can be created for it.You can set and reset deletion flags at any time.


Do not confuse the deletion flag with the deletion indicator.

The deletion flags are set by you.

The deletion indicators are set by the preprocessing program for the PM reorganization program.

You cannot reverse the effects of a deletion indicator. If you discover that a master record has inadvertently been given a deletion indicator, you can only transfer its data to a new master record by copying.



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There will be no effect on the settlement of orders with Deletion flag /or deactive functional location. You can still able to do the settlement.The reason is the settlement rule is created based on you settling element which may be cost centre or WBS etc. So Cost is going to settle on that elemnt not on the functional location. So you will be able to do the settlement after the equipment or functional location is marked with deletion or inactive state.