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if ''Attendance OR Absence Type' is the same as 'Wage type'

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Hi Pros,

       I am using table CATSDB, there are two fields AWART (Attendance OR Absence Type) and LGART (wage type).  they are not filled at the same time for a time record. 'wage type' is mostly getting blank, 'Attendance OR Absence Type' always have value when 'wage type' is blank. also values for 'Attendance OR Absence Type' seems always same as 'wage type' values. eventhough I plan to use 'wage type', but as 'wage type' is mostly blank, I am wondering if ''Attendance OR Absence Type' is the same as 'Wage type'?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Attendances and Absences are two kinds of Time Types, and should not share the same number range. They are used for Time Evaluation, and are sometimes also processed in Payroll Calculation.

Wage Types are used in Payroll Processing, but can be generated during Time Evaluation.

An Absence/Attendance could use the same value as a Wage Type, but that should not be recommended as one Time Type (Absence or Attendance) could generate many different Wage Types depending on the Personnel Area/Sub-Area, Employee Group/Sub-group, or other factor.

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