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iDOC (HRSM_D01) to reverse/delete data from IT2010

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I need urgent help, please.

We posting the attached iDOC from external system.

WIth this iDOC we would like to reverse/delete the record that was created with other iDOC (iDOC to create the record) successfully posted in IT2010.

After executing the reverse/delete iDOC and RPTEXTPT, the data did not get reversed/deleted from IT2010. The employee record is still there.

When i checked the log of RPTEXTPT, it says : <> Data records cancel each other

the PTEX2010 is showing Cancel Status. I am not sure why.

Please guide, what i am missing due to which the record is not deleted (or data record got cancelled).


. f-idoc.png

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