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ICMR: Adjustment Postings

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Hi experts,

I am currently working through the design of ICMR and have had a few questions in relation to the adjustment posting functionality that I was hoping to open up a discussion on.

Adjustment Target/Offsetting Account: When setting up adjustment postings based on matching method SF104 (AR/AP entry view), posting rule SA001 contains an adjustment target (12302000) and offsetting account (11002030) - no description is available but both are identified as balance sheet accounts. Is it a generally followed approach to have both of the GL accounts be balance sheet (asset) accounts when we are looking to make an adjustment on the AR (leading unit) side? So far I have seen mixed examples across other blogs with some being both assets (same as SAP example) and others being an asset G/L (target) and revenue G/L (offsetting) combination.

Rematching in Next Period: Upon posting an adjustment, I have read that standard practice is for a reversal entry to be generated (and this is maintained within the posting rule). When defining the reason codes associated with auto adjustments, I am wondering if it is common for these reason codes to be set up with the "temporary resolution" selection and for documents to be rematched in the next period? My thinking is that they should be rematched as an additional invoice may come in the next month, allowing for the system to generate an exact match assignment, however I am trying to understand the case for/against this as standard reason codes S13 and S15 both do not have this option selected.

Looking forward to discussing!

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