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I want to create two schedule lines in my sales order. Can anyone help me in this?

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want to create two schedule lines in my sales order. Can anyone help me in this?


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Would you please help to understand what exactly you want?

  1. You want two schedule line in sales Order for an e.g: Sales Order Line Item:10: Material: Computer Qty:10 > Now you want two schedule lines i.e 4 & 6 (schedule line category "CP").if this is what you want then please search in google before asking basic questions which can be self answered by putting some efforts. Even if you have tried SAP SD books and Shedule line in SAP SD then you shoul have got your answer with more clearity.
  2. If you want Two Different schedule line categories for same case then that too can be self answered by just doing a test.

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Question answered by Veselina Peykova seems to be okay in your case. Please correct if I am wrong.

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I am not sure what is the exact problem that you are facing - basically, you enter quantity for the item in the overview screen, then you select the item, navigate to schedule lines and maintain separate schedule lines- date and quantity:

In my example the total for the item is 5 CS, I have 3 CS to be delivered tomorrow and 2 more on 4th September.