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I couldn't able to see condition record that i have maintained in MN05 tran

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Hi All,,

Please help to solve this issue.

I have maintained condition records for purchasing docs for all the vendors with communication stretegy using the transaction MN05, but if i check in MN06 i could not able to see Communication stretegy whcih i have maintained using MN05. please help us to solve this issue.

I can see this comunication stretegy entry in MN05 transaction , but in MN06 i could n't able to see.


Muralikrishna Nandigama

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In MN06, select the Condition record entry and click on "Communication" button to see the Communication Strategy.

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Hi ,

I can see the communication stretegy files, but i couldn't able to see the entry in that field which i have maintained in MN05.


Muralikrishna Nandigma.