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HR P&F: Update Infotype directly by skipping approval step

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Hi experts

I've a requirement in HR P&F to create Personal Mail ID in IT0105 by skipping approval step.. The form which am currently working to allow employee to maintain Permanent Address and Personal Email ID.

Following are the 3 scenarios to be considered before create a workflow

- If an employee update permanent address then it have to go to HR Admin for an approval.

- If an employee change Personal email ID in the same form then it should update Infotype (i.e.) 0105-0010 after submit without HR admin to approve.

- If an employee change permanent address and personal email ID then permanent address change should go to HR admin for an approval where as personal email id should create directly in IT0105 without approval.

I know to call BAPI functional module inside workflow to create IT0105-0010 but I've a fear that it may lock PERNR. So is there any good approach using standard task TS33700021(Process Form-Web Dynpro)

Please advice.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I would rather recommend doing this via ESS- Personal Profile application instead of HCMPF.

However for HCMPF you will need to get a but creative to achieve this.

Here is the basic algorithm and a screen shot of the flow chart I would use.

1. Assign a workflow template to your process.

2. Add a decision step with three outcome to workflow to decide whether the Permanent Address is changing.

3. If Only Permanent Address is changing send for Approval to HR-Admin

4. If Only IT0105 is changing no Approval needed - Skip Approvals.

5. If IT0105 and 0006 is changing . Update It0105 ( use Update Task - but avoid It0006 update using rule) and then send for approval.

6 You will need to program a rule to set a flag to confirm HR-Admin approval.



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