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Dear Experts,

Today i created HR Payslip in PE51, the country group is 99,Form name is ZIRQ. but i faced two big issues:

1.the first issue is about the personal Information, as some fields(P0185/P0009) are not shown in standard table, i manually added some fields in PE51_CHECKTAB and SM30 table V_T514N, i set them successfully in Single Field, but when i came to PC00_M99_CEDT to test, found they are empty but they shoud show data, Please kindly help to advise

2. i have maintained the wage types in Cumulation ID, but why there is no any result shown in statements.

and i found there is no window button in the left top side

Please kindly help to advise as it's my first time to create this Form in PE51.

Thank you in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When you add tables and fields in PE51_CHECKTAB , you have to also add the relevant ABAP code so that those fields are processed.

RPCEDDZ9: include for defining data structures.
RPCEDSZ9: include programming for filling these new data structures or additional routines.

These includes can define fields or data structures that later use in the form, and Abap code for filling those fields.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Dear Carlos,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

i don't have ABAP team here, so i will remove some fields which are not available to choose.

but for the wage types, i don't know why it's not shown in payslip, as i have maintained all wage types in cumulation ID.

Please kindly help to advise, Thank you.