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HR: Employees changing countries (MOLGA)

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We are running on 4.7, and have HR implemented.

We have a scenario where an employee is changing org assignment from one country to another (different MOLGA's). When you try to do this in SAP you receive message PG 162 "Organizational reassignment not possible". SAP provides reasons for this in note 116007 along with a system modification to bypass this message. They also state you should not do this.

We are not running payroll, we are running payroll outsourcing (only for the US).

Has anyone out there run in to this problem and how did you resolve it? Did you:

a) Implement the modification described in note 116007 (did you have any problems after doing this)?

b) Force the business process of terminating the employee and hiring them into a new employee ID (PERNR)?

c) Something else - please provide details

Many thanks in advance.

Graham Hickson

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The answer for question b) is in configuration. As aprerequisite you have to set up "Leaving" and "Entering" action for global employee. Then this 2 actions can be combined in action that links employee numbers and drives users via "Entering" and "Leaving" process. In action set up it should be marked as a country reassignment action.

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