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How use bin capacity by Quant quantity?

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Dear master:

I would like to ask this question: is it any solution can be managed bin capacity by quant quantity in WH?

for example : storage bin "A01" bin capacity is 10, when I putaway 11 quant to this bin, it's not work and putaway to next bin automatically.

I just want to konw, is it possible and how to setup in SAP.

thank you !

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Hello huangzhen

MM Inventory Management doesn't manage stock on bin level, thus it has no capacity management.

Capacity management in LE-WM

SAP Help Capacity Check

Note: 392776 - Capacity check in the Warehouse Management

Capacity management in EWM

SAP Help Capacity Check - EWM logic is very similar to WM here. A notable difference being that LE-WM uses storage units, while EWM uses handling units.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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hello Dominik Tylczynski:

got it!

now we need find another solution to manage this automaticlly equipment. thank you !