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How to write Schema?

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How to write new Schema.


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I know how to write schema and PCR.

Thank you

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Y do u want to write schema??

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Hai Mr. rao,

In real time scenarion we have to copy from the standard scchema i.e. if it is indian payroll IN00 to ZN00

and sub schemas too

then according ur client requirement we have to add required PCR and functions and get output

we can add more rules i.e. lines and block as per our requirement

A few people can create a schema by enterinng T. code pe01

entering any four digit character which starts z and go to create

then we can assign required sub schemas and pcrs and functions

i think i have given a clue to u

all the best


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In PE01 you edit schemas. You can creat news, copy (a standard to some Z) or modify (better just news, if you need to modify a standard, first copy to a Z).

The same for rules, but in PE02.

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Please bear in mind to NEVER overwrite a standard schema with your own modifications. When changing a schema (thru pe02, pe04) please ALWAYS save it with another name, example: Standard schema: U000, customized schema: Z000. Keep the name similar, it's a best pratice.

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schema consistis of sub schemas and operations and rules

Schemas are edited with transaction PE01, and rules

with PE02. Functions and operations are maintained with transaction PE04. To view payroll results,

use transaction pc_payresult (or in earlier R/3 releases go to Tools>Payroll result>Display in the Payroll menu). (See Figure 1.)The standard payroll schema for a country can be derived from table t500l. If the country in table t500l has an X in the Old Naming Conv field, then the schema is HR Country