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How to write an If statement to compare shiptocode to business partner master address?

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So I have my queries which narrows it down to a specific document number, the card code, and essentially everything else with it. Now all I need to do is to do the comparisons for the shiptocode and bp master addresswhich should be a really simple if statement but I feel like I got brain wiped

I am using sql server mangement studio as well to generate the query. I am doing this configuration in the sales order.

Here is what is in my SQL condition

DECLARE @documentnumber INT(MAX)<br>DECLARE @shiptocode NVARCHAR (MAX)<br>SET @cardcode = $[$4.0.0]<br>SET @documentnumber = $[$8.0.0]<br>SET @shiptocode = $[$40.0.0]

I am using SAP B1UP for b1 validation configuration. Here is the query

SELECT        dbo.ORDR.DocNum, dbo.CRD1.Street, dbo.CRD1.ZipCode, dbo.CRD1.Block, dbo.CRD1.City, dbo.CRD1.Country, dbo.CRD1.State, dbo.ORDR.DocStatus, dbo.CRD1.Address, dbo.CRD1.CardCode, dbo.ORDR.CardCode AS Expr1, <br>                         dbo.ORDR.ShipToCode<br>FROM            dbo.CRD1 INNER JOIN<br>                         dbo.ORDR ON dbo.CRD1.Address = dbo.ORDR.ShipToCode<br>WHERE        (dbo.ORDR.DocStatus = 'o') AND (dbo.CRD1.CardCode = @cardcode) AND (dbo.ORDR.DocNum = @documentnumber)

Here is my final if statement where to do the comparisons in the sql condition, unless you can do a comparison in the sql server management studio.

--IF(shiptocode != address) pseudocode<br>--execute function<br>SELECT 'error' FOR BROWSE<br>END

So i just need to somehow either modify the if statement in the sql condition for b1up or do it in the sql server management studio

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Active Contributor

Hi Tommy,

in the Query-Picture you are joining CRD1 / OCRD / ORDR (including CardCode)

in the B1up-Statement just

dbo.ORDR ON dbo.CRD1.Address = dbo.ORDR.ShipToCode

You should use the CardCode there as well and also CRD1.AdresType = 'S'

regards Lothar