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How to view availability check on multi-level BOM

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Is there a way to view the scenerio of what items would be available and not available for a multi-level BOM without actually putting in a planned order?

I would like to see the availability of all items of a 4 level BOM, then from there I could evaluate what items have a long lead-time would cause an issue if we entered the order.

I love using the stock/requirements in MD04 (explodes the BOM great) I would like that same availability in an scenerio and not actual.

Thanks for the input.

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There is one report for missing parts checking, the t-code is CO24. You can use it to check not available parts as long as you activated the funciton of availability check in the system. T-code MD07 is helpful as well (except for BoM explosion).

Hope it's helpful for you.