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How to use same Internal Order used for Capital Projects and Expenses

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Here is a requirement from our users -

Budget is allocated for a year like USD100,000 for IT Consultants, USD125,000 for IT hardware, etc.

Out of this, consultants / hardware costs, 70% are used for implementing capital projects (new requirements) and 30% for Production Support to current systems or newly implemented systems. Percentage varies (70/30 is just an example) based on actual resources time spent on capital / support projects.

Business feels to have one internal order and budget allocation for consultants and one internal order and budget for hardware. They dont want any settlements of IO's too.

Actuals should not exceed Budget. That way they would have control. It doesn't matter (really it does matters) how much is spent on Capital and how much as Expense. They also would like to see the reports on the Capital Spending and Expenses.

What would you suggest? My suggestion (which they turned down is- to have four internal orders - 2 for Consultants, 2 for Hardware. They want one for consultants and one for hardware) below:

Create an order type with Object Class - Investment. That way we can post to CWIP or Assets and also to expenses.

Since the nature of capital projects / maintenance and their purposes are different, create two internal orders for consultants and two for hardware. Have budget allocated 70/30 (as currently they expect). If required based on actual usage change the budget amounts. Using KPF6, break down the budget amount into GL accounts (Expense and Fixed Assets). Reports can be generated using Plan values.

Since they want to see budget / Plan reports on Capital / Expense, We cannot distinguish in reports - am I right? I suggested them 4 IO's. Using KOB1, we can generate some reports but that will not have budget values.

Please give your thoughts.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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What you suggested is the ideal approach...

However, if they say that the budget allocated to capital purposes (70%) applies to both capital projects and expenses and they would like to control it together, but have reports separately, it is not possible with standard SAP...

If they want to have just one IO for both cap and exp, You can suggest them a work around to capture CAPITAL or EXPENSE in a ref field (XREF1 in BSEG) and you can run KOB1 with XREF1 displayed in it....

In standard KOB1, XREF1 is not displayed, you have to use Exit COOMEP01 to include the fields you want... Add XREF1 to the Structure CI_RKPOS and write your code in the include ZXKAEPU01 of EXIT_SAPLKAEP_001

Without an identifier @ the time of booking the transaction in the system (Either by way of IO or a ref field), you wont be able to generate reports later on


Ajay M

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Answers (1)

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My suggestion was accepted